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Welcome to Tisdale Confessionss where you can send in any opinions you have on the lovely actress, singer, and producer, Ashley Michelle Tisdale! The askbox is always open for confessions. If you send any hate or something inappropriate, it will most likely be deleted and not posted! Please note that none of these confessions are my own. They are sent in by other accounts in my askbox. Please enjoy your visit and come back anytime to check on the latest confession `
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Shout out to suchahotmesswithu & loveforatisdale for being what I think the best ashley fan account tumblrs (and also you)

Aw, this is so so sweet! Thank you so much. Whoever you are, I bet you have a fabulous blog as well. &Yes, I agree that those two blogs are incredible!

Send in your confessions on the Young Hollywood Awards and her new BELLO magazine shoot! ☺

People bringing up those birthday pictures of ashley again

What pictures are you talking about??

Let's be honest, most people can't afford anything ashley has on her fashion blog.

True, but I don’t really think it’s up for people to buy her exact clothing and accessories. I think it’s mainly because so many people love her style, she posts her fashion so people can be inspired and put together their own Ashley Tisdale style with similar, more affordable items. And if you want to, you can buy her exact items. That’s how I see the blog!