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Confessions please!? Haven’t had any for a while..

Did Ashley use to have an eating disorder?

Nothing was ever confirmed nor denied, but I’m almost positive she’s never had one.

Photos Of Ashley’s Nails [Request]

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People making drama about zashley insta video that ash is a bad friend towards Vanessa because she nominated him

I know! People act like they’re children or something. Like “we broke up, you’re not allowed to be Zac’s friend!” They are all grown adults. I’m pretty sure Vanessa can handle Ashley being one of Zac’s best friends. And the fact is, Ashley knew Zac way before him and V started dating, so even if Vanessa wants Ash to stay clear of Zac (which I doubt she does), Ash doesn’t have to listen anyways! Some Tizzies and Lovebugs are a pain in the ass, always looking for a fight. I hate the constant drama between our fanbases! Let’s just make a damn truce already… I’m a fan of both Ashley and Vanessa, so I honestly don’t understand the drama. Ash & Vanessa are BEST friends for crying out loud!